iOS 7 Wishlist: Energy Saver Mode

By 02/01/2013 4 Comments

If you’re an iPhone user, then you’re all too familiar with this sight:


Now what? I’m nowhere near an outlet and it’s only 8pm! I’m expecting an important call or text (or I really wanted to capture my dinner on Instagram). In a desperation scenario, I think we could all get by with just access to our text messages.

All Apple currently offers you is a large “Dismiss” button that is basically an acknowledgment that you are screwed. At this point, a savvy user reduces the brightness of their screen and turns off all non-critical, known energy-consuming hogs like bluetooth, wifi & push notifications … oh wait, Apple removed the ability to globally turn-off push notifications. Thanks (Here’s a popular thread I found of some unhappy users questioning this decision). Apple still references this feature on their site so it makes you wonder if they’re even aware of it.

So what if Apple offered an alternative to the “White Flag” Dismiss button. Say, I don’t know, An ENERGY SAVER mode? They already have this on their desktop OS, why not on their mobile OS? The alert would look something like this:


And of course it would be accesible in the settings if one wanted to be proactive about turning it on.


Perhaps it’s even customizable so the user can have control over which features they want to disable based on priority and also set the threshold that they would want this to activate itself (Thanks Mirco).


But we also want this feature to be smart enough to disable itself and re-enable these features when we do plug in:


So what are the hurdles? Why has Apple deprived us of this? What am I missing? I’m generally very proud of myself when I think of something that Apple, and their collective group of geniuses have not thought of. Then I usually pass the idea by some devil’s advocates at the office for their input. So far, nobody has made a compelling argument why this shouldn’t exist. We are in the sixth generation of their OS for crying out loud! Is this part of Apples’s planned obsolescence model, e.g. time for an upgrade when your phones battery can’t withstand a full day of use? I hope not and if so, Apple should reconsider this wasteful approach.

We have an airplane mode and a do not disturb mode, is it time for an energy saver mode?


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  • Mirco says:

    You definitely need an energy saver mode. At least turn the brightness down, that will help at lot. And the best would be to define at which percentage of the battery the Energy Saver mode turns on. I guess 10% or 5% should be ok.

  • Rob says:

    I think that’s a great idea Mirco. Add a slider in their so you can determine what percentage of battery life this automatically turns on. I may implement into this post. Thanks!

  • floss says:

    Pretty smart thinking, dude.

  • Blue says:

    An Energy Saver feature within the settings menu on iOS is a fantastic idea. I would agree that when I get a low battery notice it would be helpful to see a message that gives me the option to enable some energy saving features or disable heavy energy consuming features. Finally when I do get around to plugging in to charge my phone I’d like to be greeted with a message that would read “Your device is now being charged, would you like to disable Energy Saver mode.”

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